Mind up – mindful breathing

Today in school we focused on our mindful listening and breathing. To start we recapped what we already knew about the parts of the brain: the hippocampus, prefrontal cortex and the amygdala.

Then the children all had a go at practicing the breathing exercise. They then drew a situation where they could use the mindful breathing to help them be calm and focus.

If you want to practice this at home, don’t forget to breathe through your nose, like you’re smelling a flower, and breathe out of your mouth like you’re blowing out a candle.

Polar Express

The children took home their golden tickets to invite them to one to school in their pyjamas. When they arrived at school they had their tickets stamped as they entered the classroom.

We had lots of fun as we travelled to the ‘north pole’ for our achieve for all PE session where we completed fun Christmas themed games. When we came back into the classroom we read The Polar Express story book.

After playtime we had a guided drawing session where we learnt how to draw a snowman. We really enjoyed it and were very proud of our learning.

Then we began to watch the Polar express movie before lunch.

When we arrived back in the classroom after lunchtime our virtual train had arrived! We had our tickets punched as we entered the classroom and took our seats on the train. Once everyone was seated we began our virtual journey to the North Pole.

We played games passing the jingle bells and presents down the carriages in a race, sending secret Christmas messages in a whisper down the train, and we (quietly) sang some Christmas songs!

Then we enjoyed some hot chocolate and popcorn before watching more of the movie.

Before we went home we all received our own special bell.

We could all hear it jingling because we all believe in Santa. We are so excited for Christmas to be here!


We have been learning about different parts of our brain and how they help us to learn and respond to our surroundings. We looked at a picture of the brain and coloured in the different parts that we have leant about.

We practiced being mindful by learning breathing techniques and talked about how this can help us to be calm.

We looked at our shaky bottle and talked about how it can represent our feelings. We made and decorated our own feelings bottles too.

Anti-bullying week

Today we came to school wearing a pair of odd socks and talked about how it represents everyone being different and unique and that we should celebrate how that makes us all special.

We thought about different ways that we could show kindness to each other and every time we showed an act of kindness towards someone else we coloured in a square on our class chart. Look how kind and caring we are towards each other, by the end of the day we had coloured in very square!

We designed puzzle pieces to show how we can each play a part in putting a stop to bullying and we designed our own pairs of odd socks to celebrate our differences.

History: Can I talk about how things have changed since our Grandparents were young?

We have been having lots of fun learning about how toys have changed since our Grandparents were young. We spent some time looking at a range of old and new toys and talking about their similarities and differences. We sorted the toys into past and present toys and talked about some toys from the past that we still play with today.

On Thursday afternoon we really enjoyed having a zoom call with Adaline’s Grandma. She told us all about what life was like when she was a little girl and how things have changed over time.

We talked about school and the kind of things they would have had in the classrooms in the past and compared them to our own classroom. We talked about behaviour and how the children would have been treated and we were fascinated by the concept of learning without technology! We sorted pictures of school items that they had in the past and we have in the present.


Today Mrs Davies’ phonics group learnt the a-e sound. We recapped the ‘ai’ and ‘ay’ graphemes first before reading and spelling new words with the split digraph a-e in.

Bob and Obb came to help us sort out the real and alien words too!

The Naughty Bus

We have started a new text in our English called ‘The Naughty Bus.’

Children have been exposed to a range of lovely activities linked to the text with a focus on adjectives ( describing words). We have also started to create our own story maps in order to retell the text independently.

Maths- Addition

Today we were working on combining two groups to find the total. We used concrete objects, tens frames, numicon and number lines to support our learning.

We then used the + symbol to record our addition sentences.